Mainstream Media Has Level-10 Meltdown As They Realize Democrats Lost

MSNBC hosts Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, and Nicole Wallace said during a discussion this week that critical race theory was not real and said conservatives were “dangerous” as the numbers from Virginia’s election were reported.

While anti-white CRT and parental rights were a primary factor within the Virginia gubernatorial race, several MSNBC hosts said that CRT was a fake issue.

“They are building a campaign for conservatives to run on it everywhere. Even though it is not actually taught anywhere. Even though it is not a real thing,” Rachel Maddow said.

I do not really know what these numbers mean. Folks I am texting with the campaign, at first, they were saying we were a little bit down. They were not very enthusiastic, they were saying, well, the numbers seem up, it is close, it will be close,” Reid said, discussing the numbers. “Then they got happier when they saw African-American areas, so will the black voters save the party? But the challenge is the white voters.”

Joy Reid also said that “anything that makes a white parent uncomfortable is called critical race theory,” saying that Youngkin has transformed not talking about America’s history into a political campaign.

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace also repeated Maddow’s assertion about anti-white critical race theory that says that the only way to get rid of racism is to get rid of white people. “There is no such thing as CRT,” while saying that Youngkin laundered Trump’s “racism” about his claim to ban CRT if he got elected.

“His campaign promised, and he was making this promise in Alexandria and Loudoun, is on day one, I will ban critical race theory,” Wallace said. “That is like banning ghosts. So we can say at 7:00 P.M. we are banning the ghosts.,” Wallace said before then reiterating her stance on CRT, “There is not Critical Race Theory.”

Maddow spoke about how some voters want things to “get less dangerous and more rational” in regard to caring about school board members not getting threatened, saying “whether it is about vaccines, whether it is about masks, or this made-up racial indoctrination stuff.” Maddow said.

“The way it has played out in Virginia and elsewhere is by teachers and school board members being put into the bull’s-eye and threats against public servants who are attempting to give basic services to our children and families.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire