Major Biden Scandals Are About To Break, See Them Before Big Tech Takes Them Down

Former Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz (UT) predicted on Sunday that there were numerous scandals ahead for Biden and his White House.

Chaffetz said during his interview on “Fox News Sunday” that the next year would be filled with “many surprises” stemming from policies implemented during Joe Biden’s first year in office, and he hinted that the one word connecting those surprise problems together was “scandal.”

Guest host Mike Emanuel asked all of his “Fox News Sunday” guests for their predictions on 2022, and Chaffetz started by saying that security — across many different areas of life in the country — was likely to be a top priority.

“I believe security will be near the top of the list. Security in health, the border, for your hometown, security in cities, and certainly around the world, because I believe Biden has a full plate going into next year,” Chaffetz said, adding a jab at the vaccine passports. “I also believe privacy will be a huge theme, an issue, you need to reveal papers in this nation in order to enter a restaurant. Those kinds of things will be close to the top of the list.”

The WSJ’s Catherine Lucey said that the Biden White House was going to need to force Americans in 2022 that they were capable of bringing the economy back and getting the covid pandemic under control.

“The other thing I will be watching is what happens with schools next year. If we see anymore widespread, you know, we go back to virtual learning. We have seen a lot of frustration over this among parents, that really played into the Virginia governor’s race, I believe that’s something we should keep a close eye on,” Lucey said.

Chaffetz ended out the discussion with his overall prediction: scandal.

“Scandal. Just last week the Secret Service revealed that 100-plus billion dollars was scammed and a lot of the payments, there are lots of scandals going out across this White House, and I believe those will be surprising issues and they will be happening right now,” Chaffetz said. “Look out, because these things are coming.”

Author: Scott Dowdy