Mass Murder Attempt Stuns The Nation — Guess Who’s Responsible?

The ICE building in Portland was attacked and set on fire on Saturday night. Videos reveal federal agents responding by using crowd control munitions at the swarm of rioters in the city.

Around midnight, nearly 100 black bloc protesters descended on the Portland ICE building for a protest, according to reporter Grace Morgan.

The ICE building was damaged with graffiti, including phrases like “DHS murders.” Rioters barricaded the door of the facility with a chain-link fence.

Someone blocked security cameras using traffic cones to stop rioters from being identified. Fireworks were launched at the building.

Video showed rioters in the front of the ICE building which was at that point on fire.

Video published by reporter Andy Ngo showed agents trying to get out of the building, being blocked by the barricade. They were forced to exit out of the back of the building.

“Officers were trapped when antifa set the building on fire,” Ngo said on Twitter. 

The mob yelled, “Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground!”

Federal agents then used crowd control ammo, including pepper balls, on the rioters outside the building.

One black bloc member challenged a DHS officer to a fistfight.

The Portland Police Bureau did not have any comment about Saturday night’s riots and did not mention arrests relating to the event.

Despite President Biden succeeding Trump as president, riots have been happening regularly in Portland. Last month, violence broke out at the Hatfield Courthouse, which was also set on fire.

There has been a rising crime rate in the city with council members responding with unarmed park rangers to curb gun violence.

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