Maxine Waters Makes Pathetic Attempt To Cover Up Her Past

Maxine Waters has denied she ever asked for violence against former President Trump’s supporters or people within his administration.

“If you look at what I said, the strongest words I used was, tell them they are not welcome,” Waters said after being asked if she had “encouraged” violence against Republicans.

“I said tell them they are not welcome. I did not say fight. I did not say we were going to have violence. They can’t prove that or make it stick,” she stated.

The comments are right at a time when President Trump is coming up against another impeachment trial over accusations that he encouraged violence and incited the crowd that eventually entered the U.S. Capitol building.

Waters has been hit with criticisms for her statements that some say incited violence, including a 2018 comment when she stated that protesters should “absolutely harass” Trump’s team in public.

“We should show up wherever we have to. And if you spot someone from his team at a store, or a restaurant, or a gas station, you create a crowd. And push back. And tell them they are not welcome anywhere, anymore,” Waters said.

But Waters did not have issues with her past comments, claiming instead that President Trump is a “dishonorable human” who conservatives should distance themselves from.

“The GOP should be scared, not only about the downfall of our democracy but if they keep supporting him and allow him to lead them, they’re going to have to live with a leader that dictates every vote they can make,” Waters said. “Conservatives will be owned by this dishonorable human.”

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