McConnell Is Out The Door — Announces His Successor

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has supposedly created a list of possible successors, with the establishment lawmaker considering retirement before his term is up. 

McConnell was reelected in 2020, and news of his retirement came out yesterday.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is considered to be McConnell’s top pick as his successor. While Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams and former UN Ambassador Kelly Craft are also potential candidates. McConnell, 79, has been a Senator since 1985.

Kentucky law currently would let Governor Andy Beshear- who is a Democrat- appoint McConnell’s successor if he chooses to retire. 

However, McConnell is hoping the GOP-led state legislature passes reforms allowing themselves to select his replacement. McConnell’s work to push reforms to appoint interim Senators sparked the reports of his possible retirement, although it’s not clear when he plans to do so.

McConnell largely went against Republican voters with a denunciation of President Trump during the second impeachment trial, although he did not vote to convict Trump on the basis of legality. 

A GOP candidate like McConnell would have a hard time winning a primary, and McConnell’s chosen pick might start off with that same considerable handicap. However, the Senator remains popular in the state, but that did not stop one county from censuring him for his betrayal of Trump.

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