Media Blames White People For Attacks On Asian-Americans

There’s is a rise in assaults against Asian-Americans in the past few months.

When it comes to the suspects of these acts of violence against asians, it is not “white supremacy” that is to blame. Vicha Ratanapakdee, a Thailand immigrant who resided in San Francisco, was brutally attacked on video by Antoine Watson, a black male of 19 years of age.

But members of the anti-white media are desperately seeking to turn the narrative in their favor by blaming Trump.

Time magazine reports:

Many say the 2020 uptick in xenophobic talk from Trump, when he called coronavirus “the Chinese virus,” blaming the nation for the pandemic. In doing so, he continued a long history of using illness to justify anti-Asian hate”

Blaming the increase in assaults against Asians on Trump because he called covid the “Chinese virus” doesn’t make any sense. Almost all attacks on Asians have been carried out by non-whites.

Might it be that some liberals are trying to control the narrative about the worrying rise in violence against Asian-Americans to push their own Anti-white agenda?

After all, the only race crimes that make the news are those done by whites. All other attacks are ignored. 

If Ratanapakdee had been murdered by a white person, the liberal media would have played the story 24/7.

The coronavirus is never an excuse used by anyone to attack Asians. 

Asians are hated within black communities because they are successful and many own and operate small stores in those areas. 

But to the anti-white media, these sources of friction don’t exist. And the only real problem is that white people are still here.

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