Media In Shock After Getting Trump’s Approval Rating Among Black Voters

By Jim Hoft June 29, 2020 | Image Source : The Gateway Pundit

After a month of rioting, arson and looting in cities across the US President Trump’s approval in the black community continues to grow.

Approval for Donald Trump from black voters remains at 28%.
And Trump’s approval among black voters has remained on average over 20% (22.8%) since late May.

This is devastating news for the Democrat Party.
It is impossible for Democrats to win a national election if they lose 20% of the black vote.

Via Rasmussen Reports:

Author: Jim Hoft

Source: The Gateway Pundit: HORRIBLE NEWS FOR DEMOCRATS: After a Month of Leftist Rioting, Looting and Arson Trump’s Approval with Black Voters Remains at 28%

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