Media Lies About Trump’s Blowout Event In Florida, Now We Know Why

Perhaps expectedly, a new media report tried to prove that the first in a series of rallies hosted by Trump and Fox News host Bill O’Reilly was not in fact successful, though photos and videos published online seem to conflict with these reports.

The Huffington Post, a far-left media outlet was very critical of Trump and the right overall, cited a Sun-Sentinel news report which said that that the event had “fizzled,” and that a “nosebleed section” attendees were upgraded to seats nearer to the stage since there were so many empty seats.

The paper also said that “most tickets” to this event, which at the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida, which is one suburb east of Fort Lauderdale, went “unsold.”

The HuffPost mentioned one person who tweeted that Trump and O’Reilly were one hour late to show on-stage and that there were many “empty seats.” But the alleged tweet did not exist.

Most of Trump’s 2020 campaign events were so popular that his supporters showed up at venues days well in advance to get inside. Also, the campaign had TV screens outside of venues for overflow crowds. And then there were the parades throughout the nation — none of which happened for Democratic nominee Biden and his VP of choice, Kamala Harris. Masses of Trump supporters even gathered outside the Walter Reed Hospital when Trump was inside after getting diagnosed with COVID-19.

In fact, Biden ‘campaigned’ from his basement in Delaware, while Harris’ venues were barely attended. In fact, even former President Obama could not bring in crowds for Biden-Harris — in very-blue Philly.

As for the Trump-O’Reilly event, photos and videos posted online prove that this HuffPost article was wrong about the crowd.

One person said on Twitter that “I am going to the Trump/O’Reilly Show in Florida. Place is mobbed. If I had the time, I would go to Orlando tomorrow.”

Even the Sun-Sentinel spoke about “thousands eagerly” waiting for the Trump-O’Reilly event to kick off.

The two have another show planned this Sunday in Florida, followed by appearances on December 18th and 19th in Texas, according to their current schedule.

Author: Scott Dowdy