Mexican Cartel Humiliates Biden In The Worst Way Possible

Defiant human traffickers who understand they can do what they want on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande are now taunting National Guard troops who are stationed on the Texas side of the border to stop illegals from crossing, according to a new report.

“In numerous instances over several days, Texas DPS says suspected cartel gunmen connected to human smuggling have stood close to the Rio Grande in Starr County and taunted Texas National Guard soldiers. They have tac vests and AK47s,” Bill Melugin of Fox News said via Twitter this Wednesday.

This Tuesday, Border Patrol agents reported they responded to numerous human smuggling cases on Monday in which 41 illegals were caught.

In one incident, a truck that picked up multiple people and was chased until it ran off the road. Four illegals were captured, but the driver managed to escape.

Separately, stash houses in the cities of Roma, Texas, and Edinburg, Texas, were raided, leading to 37 illegals being detained.

“Even with the spread of the coronavirus, human smugglers keep trying these brazen attempts with zero care for the safety of migrants or American citizens they may encounter. The United State Border Patrol agents from the Rio Grande Valley Sector will always protect the country against these threats,” the release said.

Smugglers use different routes to enter the United States.

As the floods of illegals continue, GOP members on the House Homeland Security Committee are asking for the Biden White House to respond, according to Fox News.

“The terrible situation along the border is a problem that has gotten out of control,” a letter to President Biden from the 16 GOP members on the committee said.

“Border Protection has beaten many records for the amount of migrants illegally crossing the border. Why is your White House attempting to deceive the American public into believing our border is now secure?” the letter said.

“Not it is time for your team to take appropriate measures to stop a recurrence of what we saw in Del Rio, Texas.”

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has never so much as hinted at any planned action to respond to the wave of illegals entering the country.

Author: Blake Ambrose