Most Americans Think Biden Should Be Removed From Office, Here’s Why

A strong most of adults in the U.S. think President Biden is now fit to be commander in chief, according to a new ABC News survey.

The survey, which was put out just days before the president is scheduled to give his State of the Union address, showed most think Biden is not fit to be president while also showing the lowest job approval rating (around 37 percent) from the ABC News survey since becoming president more than a year ago.

The recent survey revealed that the “underlying weakness” is in line with most adults “having doubts about his personal ability.” When the repliers were asked if he was a good leader, 59 percent reported no, while 36 percent stated yes. In fact, these percentages are close to his job approval; 37 percent approved and 55 percent report that they disapprove.

When asked about Joe Biden’s “mental sharpness” to be president, 54 percent stated they don’t think Biden is mentally fit enough, while just 40 percent said he was fit enough. When respondents were asked this same question in 2020, when Biden was just a candidate, 51 percent said he did have the “mental sharpness” to be president, while 43 percent stated he did not.

Biden seemed to have lost major ground among independents, a crucial group, on this issue. Fifty-nine percent of American independents gave Biden’s mental sharpness a negative report, a rise of 13 points since May of 2020.

The ABC News survey was done from Feb 20 to 24, where it requested 1,011 random people in the U.S.

This comes at a time when inflation has harmed most Americans with higher prices for gas, groceries and even rent. There is also the nationwide anger over how the Democrats used covid-19 to increase their power and control Americans. This anger is shared by most people in western countries, the most obvious example being the trucker protests in Canada.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s approval has risen slowly after leaving the White House. And many people expect him to be returning for a 2024 rematch with Joe Biden or perhaps Hillary Clinton.

Author: Scott Dowdy