Multiple States Break Out In Full Rebellion Against Biden

Biden’s decision to stop former President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy is making the border situation worse and letting criminals move into the country unnoticed, Missouri and Texas said in a lawsuit.

The DHS’s halting of Trump’s program, which required migrants to stay in Mexico while their immigration requests were processed, violated federal laws by not weighing alternatives to the plan or considering its affect on states, according to a lawsuit filed on Tuesday in Texas.

Trump’s polices were put into place to “deal with the migration problem by lowering incentives for illegal immigration, weakening human smugglers and cartels, and helping DHS to better use its resources on legitimate claims., Texas AG Ken Paxton and Missouri AG Eric Schmitt, said in the suit.

The GOP-led states say that human traffickers and smugglers are taking advantage of this lapse in border safeguards and putting local communities at risk. They say that stopping the Trump program broke the Administrative Procedure law due to being a “capricious and arbitrary” action.

“Due to ongoing litigation, DHS cannot make a statement at this time., the Department said in a message.

The ACLU and the Center for Refugees & Gender Studies are among groups that challenged the Trump policy in 2020.

They claimed the Trump process put migrants in “great danger” by creating a problem on the Mexican side of the border, exposing people to organized crime and corrupt officials.

Across the nation, Republican governors and state attorneys general are suing to stop President Biden’s policy changes, rewriting a legal tactic that Democrats used against Trump.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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