New Covid Report Has Blue-State Democrats Scrambling For An Explanation

Restriction-heavy DC, and NY are now reporting the highest daily average of covid cases per capita in the country, Tuesday’s data has revealed.

According to the NY Times‘s covid data tracker, D.C. leads the country in reporting the highest daily cases per 100,000 people, numbering at 279. Blue New York comes up next with 175 cases per capita.

While the majority of the nation seems to have experienced a winter surge, both restriction-heavy places are still reporting more covid cases per capita than states like Florida, which is reporting around 113 per capita. The Sunshine State never had a mask rule in place, and Republican Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and the state legislature acted this year to give protections for workers who could lose their jobs over vaccine mandates.

Meanwhile, NY, once the United States epicenter of the virus, endured extended covid lockdowns and now faces more restrictions, as Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul recently gave an ultimatum to businesses. Under her new rule, they would either need to check the vaccinations of customers or require masks for everyone. While some counties have said that they would not comply with the rule, Hochul promised millions to help those following her orders. Her office then backtracked just last week after she suggested they would also send state inspectors to give “spot checks” for counties to guarantee compliance. Her office later said that this enforcement would be done “by local health depts.”

NY City, specifically, is now under even more strict rules thanks to Dem Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is now mandating that vaccines on private sector employees and forcing children 5 and older to give proof of vaccination to participate in basic activities, like dining at a restaurant.

In D.C., Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser recently reintroduced covid restrictions too, reinstating the city’s mask mandate again, which will last until Jan. 31, 2022:

Additionally, Bowser is now mandating that “all contractors, employees, interns, and grantees of the DC Government” to be completely vaccinated and boosted, with “no test-out option” for anyone.

Author: Scott Dowdy