New “Invasion Poll” Reveals The Cowardice Of Democrats

As Ukrainians valiantly work to defend their country against a Russian invasion, a new Quinnipiac University American survey of adults in the United States asked people if they would fight or run if they faced this problem — the poll discovered that while most 68% GOP members said they would stay and fight, only 40% of Dems said they would stay and fight. Among independent people, 57% stated they would stay in the country and fight.

Just 25% of GOP members and 36% of independents responded that they would leave the country, while 52% of Dems said they would run, according to the survey done on March 4 through March 6.

Overall, 55% of Americans in the survey said they would stay and fight, while 38% responded that they would leave the country.

Most (71%) said that they would support a ban on Russian oil even if this move would cause higher gas prices within America.

Over half (60%) in the survey believed that Russian President Putin is not mentally well, while only 21% believed that the Russian leader is stable mentally.

Russia has been causing destruction in the country of Ukraine, killing many people during its invasion, including civilians. Of course it is also true that Ukraine has carried out an ethnic cleansing of Russians in its territory for the past eight years. Although the mainstream media does not mention this fact.

The AP reported that at Netherlands, The Hague, and Ukraine pushed the International Court of Justice to ask for a stop to the mutual onslaught.

This comes at a time when Americans are growing tired of false flags and endless pushes for foreign wars. They are also starting to understand that NATO is an offensive organization and not a defensive one. Russia asked to join NATO years ago, and was refused entry.

Meanwhile, the group has expanded toward the Russian border, with a possible plan by the globalist elite to use third party armies to invade Russia from all sides.

The propaganda, on both the right and the left, has given us a strange mix of loyalty and disloyalty to the people who rule America.

Author: Blake Ambrose