New Investigation Reveals Shocking News About U.S. – Mexico Border

Image Source: National Insiders

A recent investigation by the Department of Homeland Security has led them to the discovery of an astonishing amount of “fraudulent families” headed for the U.S. – Mexico border every month, with numbers in the thousands.

Beginning in April 2019, [Homeland Security Investigations] dedicated over 400 personnel to assist [Customs and Border Protection] in combating this issue. HSI interviewed teams to interview persons suspected of attempting entry by fraud – including as part of a fraudulent family unit,” Gregory Nevano said Wednesday before members of the House Homeland Security Committee.

Nevano is the Assistant Director for Investigative Programs for Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). Many HSI agents have been sent to the southern border in an effort to separate illegal immigrants who are lying about their familial relationships to take advantage of U.S. immigration laws.

HSI agents specialize in criminal investigations related to national security threats, working to uncover human smuggling, child exploitation, drug smuggling and other criminal activity.

HSI agents have uncovered a massive amount of fraud in the short time they’ve been deployed. To date, according to Nevano, agents have uncovered 316 fraudulent families, 599 bogus documents and the HSI agency has presented 629 different people to the Justice Department for various criminal violations.

Since the implementation of a DNA testing program that tests arriving illegal immigrant adults who arrive with young kids claiming to be their parents, investigators have been able to clearly identify more fraud.

During this operation, a total of 84 family units were DNA tested after providing consent. Sixteen family units were found to be fraudulent during the testing. About half of the confirmed fraudulent family units were identified prior to DNA testing when the adult alien recanted their claim of a familial relationship when asked to consent to the test,” Nevano said to lawmakers on Wednesday.

The spike of fake families attempting to get through the border can be attributed mainly to human smugglers, who receive payment from illegal aliens who are hoping to gain entry to the U.S. One instance shows a 51-year-old Honduran national, who admitted to not being the real father to a child he had with him. Stating instead that he had paid $84 to use the child at the border.

HSI also began tracking family units in May who entered the U.S, and subsequently left. They have discovered a trend among many children, noticing that they will enter the U.S. with their “family,” and then fly back to Central America via commercial airlines with unrelated adults.

HSI is concerned that this is a common recurring activity, as they aim to determine whether or not these children are involved in child smuggling rings – repeatedly used at the border for the purpose of exploiting loopholes in the U.S. immigration system.

Immigration fraud is a national epidemic as it allows for massive amounts of illegals to walk right into the country across the southern border.

Currently, on the southwest portion of the border, there are around 12,000 to 13,000 illegal immigrants in custody on an average day. Border Patrol chief Brian Hastings said. To give you an idea of how absurd this number of immigrants is, the agency is only built to hold a maximum of 4,000 people in custody.

Across the southwest border, there are around 12,000 to 13,000 illegal immigrants in Border Patrol custody on a typical day, Border Patrol chief Brian Hastings said to lawmakers on Wednesday. This is despite the fact that the agency is only built to hold around 4,000 in custody.

These loopholes that indirectly encourage child trafficking need to be eliminated. Not only for the safety of the United States, but also for the safety of the children being used to gain entry.

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