New January 6th Poll Has Democrats Horrified

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA), many of the other Dems, and Never Trumpers like Congresswoman Liz Cheney (WY) are doing everything they can to use the Jan. 6 anniversary to maximum political use right now. They have the January 6th Committee going on — which they want to use to attack Republicans with hearings before the 2022 midterms. On the anniversary date, Nancy Pelosi and the Dems plan to have remembrance events. One conservative reporter mentioned why Pelosi cannot quit January 6th and why the NY Times is attempting to push “Every Day is January 6” in one unhinged rant.

Media is there with folks like CNN’s Brian Stelter hyping up the “trauma” that reporters had during the riot as though they were at Normandy. He got in a bit of a fight with Grabien founder Tom Elliott.

“Twitter user.” He would not even acknowledge who Elliott is. Maybe because Stelter is CNN, he does not know.

But if the Dems want to go this way, they are likely to find that this hurts them a lot. They are trying to use it to attack the GOP but a new Morning Consult poll shows that Americans are on the side of Republicans when it comes to the January 6th event. Republicans have recovered in the public opinion poll and more Americans see the Republicans as going in the right direction. Meanwhile, Democrats have declined in the poll.

Almost half of voters – 47 percent of them said they did not expect the riot to have any big impact on their votes come November.

So while Democrats are doing everything they can to use Jan. 6, it does not seem like their effort will give them anything. Americans have continued on and are looking at the topics that are of top concern to them such as inflation, the falling economy, and soaring crime — all of which Biden is doing terribly on. What we see from other polls is that Americans believe Democrats are focusing on the wrong things. Not surprisingly, when they are doing things not based on what is best for Americans but on what they believe will help their political power, as with the focus on January 6.

Author: Scott Dowdy