New Survey Has The Biden Team Scrambling To Save Joe’s Legacy

During his time on the campaign trail, Biden said he would shut down the virus and he said he had a plan to fight COVID. Millions of voters believed Biden’s statements about the pandemic because he had an unrelenting and agenda-driven media that aligned with him.

It has been less than a year since he took office and the public now admits that Biden has been a huge disaster. This country is fed up with Biden’s failed leadership, between his administration confessing they weren’t prepared for the new variants and Biden’s incorrect messaging of a “winter of death”.

A poll from the Monmouth University shows that only 46 percent of the U.S. thinks that Biden has been doing a “good job” in dealing with the pandemic. 53 percent supported Biden’s pandemic efforts before this poll.

Of high importance is that the decrease in support for Biden has happened mostly in the states that Biden won in the 2020 election. Based on the polling data, 60 percent of people in these states said Joe Biden did a good job just last month. It has dropped to just 47% now. Surprisingly, in the states President Biden lost, there hasn’t been a lot of change.

“We just finished an off-year election in New Jersey and Virginia where blue states didn’t look so blue. The failure to deal with Covid and get it under control might have something to do with this, especially for independent voters, with frustration for Biden’s administration increasing,” said Patrick Murray.

This suggests that people have realized Joe Biden’s false promises. Almost everything Biden said he would accomplish referring to the pandemic he has failed to do. More people have lost their lives from COVID under Biden’s presidency than they did under Trump, and that is even with Biden having the extra benefit of hindsight and an entire year’s worth of experience in dealing with the pandemic.

Biden obviously had no idea what he was talking about during his campaign. Instead, he was appealing to the voters’ fears about the pandemic. He was successful, unfortunately. Biden’s inefficient ways of dealing with the pandemic can no longer be masked.

Author: Blake Ambrose