Obama Gets The ‘Surprise’ Of a Lifetime In Scotland

Scottish police this week made a quick arrest of a person in Glasgow around 15 minutes before former President Obama was going to arrive at the climate change summit going on there.

Multiple officers went to the location of the COP26 event and took one man into their custody, according to news outlet the Daily Mail.

A comment from Police Scotland said the man had been arrested two days before and was free on bail, the Daily Mail said.

This arrest was connected to unspecified “firearms offenses,” the comment said.

“A 43-year-old male was arrested along Argyle Street in Glasgow and was charged with an alleged breaking of the peace in connection to the COP26 event earlier this month,” the comment said, according to the UK-based Daily Mail.

“He showed up at Glasgow Sheriff Court and was allowed out on bail.”

“The man was then arrested today in Glasgow, in relation with alleged firearms offenses after a search warrant was done at an address along Argyle Street and investigations are ongoing,” the comment said.

Police said the firearms crimes were not connected to the summit and no terror-related charges were filed, according to reports.

The Daily Mail released witness accounts. Though the official comments described just one arrest, the witnesses saw two men involved.

“It happened so fast. There was no messing around. Cars came from everywhere,” a woman who is said be Eileen Gordon, 29, said to the news outlet.

“Several cars surrounded the car and one of the guys seemed to try to run but they got him and pinned him onto the ground. The driver was pulled from the car and he had assault rifles aimed toward him,” she said.

“There was a lot of shouting of ‘armed police,’” another witness reported. “Two men were dragged away from a blue car and forced onto the ground and police swarmed around him. Some police had disguised their faces.”

Another witness said the noise from the event was “deafening.”

“They were shouting and this I can imagine disoriented the two guys they arrested,” the witness said. “The amount of police and guns suggests this could not wait.”

“They searched the car and found a large orange bag they took.”

Author: Blake Ambrose