Obama Issues Insane Election Accusation Against Trump

Former President Obama has targeted former President Trump and said that he broke a “core tenet” of democracy and created “a lot of hooey” about the November presidential election.

Obama spoke during his first virtual fundraiser after the election and said that Trump’s claims about the legitimacy of the election “hurt democracy” and led to attempts to suppress voters, The Guardian reported.

“What we saw was Trump break the core tenet that you count the election ballots and declare a winner after — and come up with a lot of hooey,” the former president said.

Trump has claimed that fraud caused his defeat in November. Despite these allegations of irregularities, no court has officially ruled there was nationwide fraud that changed the results of the election.

“What he has been calling ‘the big lie’ suddenly gets momentum,” Obama said about Republican legislatures enacting new election laws.

“If we do not prevent these sorts of efforts, what we will see is an increasing amount of contested elections … We will see more de-legitimizing of our democracy.”,.,

History along with redistricting means that Democrats could lose control of the House soon.

Obama’s remarks come after an article was published in The Atlantic in which former A.G. William Barr said Trump’s claims of election fraud was “bulls**t.”

Barr came to this conclusion even though the Dept. of Justice performed no investigation into voter fraud allegations.

Mitt Romney also chimed in with his RINO take that Trump’s fraud claims were akin to the WWF during an interview on Sunday.

“Well, I do believe it is important for every person to make it clear that Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ is exactly that,” the Republican said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”,.,

He added that, “The election is done… let’s move on.”

However, with hundreds of election investigations ongoing across America, anything could be potentially discovered.

Author: Blake Ambrose