Obama Mocks Rape Victim’s Pain — This Judge Makes Him Regret It

Terry McAuliffe seems to be in trouble in the state of Virginia, and he has been bringing in the heavy hitters in the DNC Party to increase turnout in his favor. But Obama’s weekend campaign appearance could have done more harm than good, as his comments about recent controversies involving school boards were slammed for being tone-deaf.

“We do not have the time to waste on these fake trumped-up culture wars, the fake outrage that conservative media pushes to boost their ratings,” Obama claimed.

In Virginia’s Loudoun County, the school board was under fire for covering up a rape of a student by a so-called gender-fluid student. In May, the male put on a skirt and followed one girl into the restroom, where the rape happened. Rather than refer this case to police, the school board decided to deal with the matter internally. The rape victim’s father was of course outraged, and school leaders called the police when he confronted them. He was then arrested for talking about the rape. The National School Boards Association mentioned the event in their now infamous letter comparing concerned parents with domestic terrorists.

Obama did not mention Loudoun County directly, but the situation was undeniably within his “fake outrage” idea that he said was not “a serious issue that affects serious people.” Parents slammed Obama’s comments for being tone-deaf. But this week, only two days after his campaign appearance, a Virginia court has ruled that there is in fact sufficient evidence that the boy raped the girl inside the school restroom.

So, Obama said this outrage over a girl’s rape (and the school board’s attempt to silence it) as “fake outrage.” Obama cares more about McAuliffe’s career than the privacy and safety of children.

It is not surprising that the extreme liberal Obama has this attitude. He unilaterally redefined Title IX to force schools to accept boys who identify as female to play on the girls’ teams and use the girls’ locker rooms and restrooms under the threat of losing their funding.

Author: Scott Dowdy