One Fact About Colin Powell’s Death The Mainstream Media Is Censoring

Former United States secretary of state Colin Powell, who was one of the influential people in selling the globalist Iraq War to Americans, has died at 84 due to COVID-19 despite him being fully vaccinated.

“General Powell, former United States Sec. of State and Joint Chiefs Chairman, passed away this morning from Covid-19 complications. He was fully vaccinated,” his family said on his Facebook page.

“We want to thank the staff at the Walter Reed National Medical Center for their treatment. We have lost a loving husband, father, grandfather and a remarkable American,” they said.

The fake mainstream media and public health officials are running propaganda to deal with the news of Powell’s death to ensure the public does not lose their faith in the vaccine despite its obvious lack of efficacy.

“As we age, our immune system gets weaker and it is less able to respond to vaccinations, and we are more likely to get sick when we get exposed,” said Dr. Kristin Englund, a Cleveland Clinic disease specialist. “That is why very early on we targeted vaccines for elderly people.”

“He also had a blood cancer, and those are some of the cells needed to help fight infections,” she said, making excuses for the vaccine’s failure to protect Powell from COVID-19. “Typically it affects the B-cells in your white blood cells that help you form immunity.”

We have reported on the vaccine’s complete failure to stop deaths as well as its failure to keep covid case totals from going up:

“Singapore is now reporting its record amount of covid cases in more than a year after they reached 80 percent vaccine threshold.”

“Because of this, authorities are starting to once again implement lockdowns, including banning gatherings at work and requesting that people only go to a maximum of one gathering each day in their private lives.”

“Alex Cook, a diseases modeling expert from the National University of Singapore, is giving excuses for the vaccine regime, as health officials working with Big Pharma often do.”

“The community cases have really gone up since getting 80 percent, in part due to us allowing more social events for people who are vaccinated and, I dare say it, more fatigue within the control measures,” Cook stated.”

Author: Scott Dowdy