Ouch! Kamala Harris Stabs Biden In The Back

The conflicts between Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have been extensively covered throughout the last year. While they appear to be happy together, it has been revealed that Jill Biden did not want Kamala Harris on the ticket. Reports have also shown that the vice president’s team has even went so far as to accuse the White House of racism. There are several more instances where this occurred.
Harris has now snubbed Biden, refusing to do a social media video on student debt cancellation. Her reasoning? Biden’s approach isn’t progressive enough, according to her.

For two reasons, I find this incredible.

It’s unusual to witness a president who is so out of control of his own staff that the vice president may simply refuse to take part in a major policy initiative. Who is really in command here? It certainly does not appear to be Joe Biden, and it’s conceivable that his far-left handlers encouraged her to skip out.

It’s unusual for an administration to be out of sync on something this basic. Furthermore, what planet is removing $10,000 in student debt from rich people and those with high earning potential by squeezing working Americans not a progressive initiative?

That, in turn, leads me to my next point. Harris is already well despised by Americans. She has one of the lowest favorable ratings among any major politician in the country. That includes Joe Biden’s approval rating, which is in the low 40s. Given her status as the presumptive Democratic nominee, I’ve seen every poll showing her getting clocked by Donald Trump (and just about anybody else) in 2024. You’d think after being a terrible vice president that she would have some self-reflection on how to alter it.

Instead, she has been running further to the left? How is that supposed to help her achieve a larger portion of the electorate? The answer is that it won’t, and it demonstrates how terrible Harris’ political instincts are. She does not need to please the far-left at this time. They will scramble to cast their vote for her regardless of what happens. She needs to modify her approach, whether we’re talking about policy or her cringe-worthy public speeches.

But if she wants to keep charging toward the cliff, who am I to stop her? Hillary Clinton was able to appear competent in Harris’s hands. If the vice president wishes to fully embrace that role, by all means, do so.

Author: Steven Sinclaire