Pelosi Condemned By The One Person She Can’t Ignore

Well, this is weird. Self-declared “devout Catholic” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems to be in deep danger of getting excommunicated from the Catholic Church for her support of abortion.

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, who is the archbishop of Nancy Pelosi’s home diocese located in San Francisco, said in an op-ed article for The Washington Post: “You cannot be a good Catholic and still support the expanding right to murder innocent human beings.”

The archbishop then targeted Pelosi for her histrionic statements after the U.S. Supreme Court did not block the new Texas “fetal heartbeat” law that effectively bans abortions:

“Top politicians lost no time in responding hyperbolically to the High Court’s ruling refusing to block the Texas law banning abortions after a heartbeat could be detected. President Biden said the “whole-of-government” would be used to discover ways to get around the Texas measure.”

“Nancy Pelosi denounced the ruling as a “cowardly decision to protect a flagrantly unconstitutional attack against women’s health,” and promised fresh legal action: “This ban means we need codifying of Roe v. Wade” into federal law.”

“As a leader within the Catholic community, I find it very disturbing that so many politicians are on the wrong side of the top human rights issue are also self-claimed Catholics.”

Within the op-ed, which was called “Our duty to challenge Catholic politicians who support abortion,” Cordileone stated, “This summer, we caused an uproar by talking about whether elected officials who supported abortion should get the sacrament. We were said to be guilty of inappropriately injecting religion inside politics, of getting in where we do not belong.”

“I see things differently. When considering that Catholic bishops have duties with respect to top laymen who openly are against church teachings about abortion, I look to this nation’s last great human rights movement — still in my memory — for inspiration about how we should reply.”

“What could be a worse “denial of the human race” than abortion? Abortion kills an irreplaceable human being growing the mother’s womb. Everyone who supports abortion, in public or in private life, who gives money to it or who frames it as a legitimate choice participates is doing a great moral evil.”

I don’t want to rain on the parade of the archbishop, but House Speaker Pelosi “repenting” for her extreme support of abortion? This would be a miracle. I mean, we are talking about a defiant she-devil of a woman who — in all seriousness — refers to late-term abortion with the phrase “sacred ground.”

And if Nancy Pelosi and other prominent leaders keep supporting abortion?

Cordileone says:

“If their participation in the evils of abortion is not dealt with forthrightly, this could lead Catholics to assume the moral teachings of the Catholic Church about the sanctity of human life is not being taken seriously.”

“The continuous teaching of the Catholic Church and the repeated exhortations of every Pope up to and including Pope Francis, the constant statements by United States bishops, all make it certain what the teaching of the Catholic Church is about abortion.”

Author: Blake Ambrose