Pelosi Cracks Under Pressure –Highly Publicized Breakdown Says It All

Nancy Pelosi. Where to start in describing the 81yo House Speaker. If we are talking about “declining cognitive states” — which has been a thing for some years — we might say snarky stuff like “BOTOX-riddled brain,” “vodka-soaked,” etc. But that would be bad.

But we have Nancy’s Stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome, obsession with power, and spitefullness — aimed not only at the GOP but also against people in her own party who would dare want to oppose her. In both cases, when Nancy gets nasty, it is game on.

Such was the case this Wednesday after the news that the House will bring back universal mask requirements for every member, even though the majority of lawmakers are vaccinated. A mandate that is very opposed by House GOP leadership.

Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA) has slammed the new mandate as “anti-science,” saying via Twitter:

“The threat of forcing masks again is not based on any science, but a choice conjured up by Democrat officials who want to keep living in a never-ending pandemic situation.”

This is of course one hundred percent right.

Pelosi’s response? She said that McCarthy was a “moron”, of course.

This is Pelosi being Pelosi, she then hopped into an awaiting car and was driven away to a “climate event” outside Washington, as stressed by The Hill. No word on if she is also going to the same “Unity and Time for Healing” workshop that Biden obviously also attends.

Shocked? Neither am I. Pelosi is just being Pelosi. It is who she is. It’s what a human with a “deep Catholic faith” looks like. Along with also using her “deep Catholic faith” to “justify” calling late-term abortion “sacred ground.”

Stories like this — and the overall antics of Pelosi and the nutty Democrats, overall — often bring two quotes to my mind. The late Charles Krauthammer said in a 2002 column that: “Conservatives believe liberals are dumb. Liberals believe conservatives are evil.”

And Ronald Reagan: “The trouble with liberals is not that they are ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that is not true.”

Author: Scott Dowdy