Pelosi Desperately Runs Cover For Racist Democrat Leaders

House Speaker Pelosi knows a lot about dodgeball and uses her skills every week during her press conferences on Thursday.

The question Pelosi got asked was concerning the Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s antisemitic statements about the nation of Israel and the U.S. being like terrorist groups such as the Taliban and Hamas. The backlash was fast and Omar was soon putting out a multi-tweet explanation saying she wanted “solidarity” with her Jewish coworkers. She did, of course, blame her Jewish colleagues for not meeting her standards of solidarity.

“I believe it is really important for these lawmakers to realize that they have not been partners in justice,” the Democrat said. “They have not engaged in seeking justice, and I will continue to do this. It is important for me as a person who has experienced injustice in many ways my colleagues have not.”

All Pelosi had to do was denounce this clearly antisemitic statement from Omar, but just as expected, Pelosi played her usual game, and avoided the hard question like a pro dodgeball player.

As you can watch in the video below, the second Pelosi was asked about Omar’s comments she stopped the reporter but promised she would address it after she was finished speaking about something else.

“Let’s stay at this, and I will answer that after,” said Pelosi holding her hand up.

In Pelosi-talk, this means the question does not have answers where my life is easier or the Democrats do better so I will not answer it by using the excuse that I am answering other questions.

I guess the reporter should consider herself lucky that Pelosi didn’t lash out as she is sometimes known for doing.

This ignoring of this hard question comes with a lot of implications. This is the Democrat Party not wishing to deal with the rising problem of antisemitism within their party. To say nothing of the even greater Anti-White hatred. But as the left makes clear, silence is their agreement, and that means they are endorsing it.

Author: Scott Dowdy