Pelosi Goes Full ‘Soviet’ To Cover Up This COVID Truth

Republican House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, La., had some energetic words for Nancy Pelosi while at the Faith and Freedom Coalition meeting, accusing the House Speaker of interrupting efforts to investigate the true source of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Pelosi will not do it., Scalise said to the crowd on the second day of the event in Kissimmee, Florida. He pledged that when the GOP retakes the House in 2022, they will move to “hold the CCP accountable.”

“They are covering for China., Scalise said about the Democrats. “It is a Soviet-like cover-up. We are going to keep putting attention on it.”

A spokesperson for Pelosi referred to the House Intel. Committee’s review of the origins of coronavirus.

“They have announced weeks ago that they are looking into this., he said.

The U.S. intel. community said back in May it is looking into “all available evidence” on the source of the virus and “aggressively” collecting and analyzing new data on the topic.

“The U.S. Intel. Community does not know how or where the virus was initially transmitted but has come to two possible scenarios: either it came naturally from contact with animals or it was a lab accident., Amanda Schoch, the Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Strategic Communications, said in a comment.

Also, a push is happening on Capitol Hill for a total investigation into the source of the pandemic that has caused over 600,000 American deaths.

It is not clear whether such an investigation will ever happen, though a team of public health experts is laying the foundation for one.

A bill proposed by Senators Bob Menendez, D-N.J., and Republican Susan Collins from Maine, would create a commission. Its review might include an investigation of the source of the virus; early warnings and other discussions with foreign governments; coordination among state, federal and local government agencies; the availability of supplies; public health surveillance; vaccination creation and distribution; and relief policies.

Author: Scott Dowdy