Pelosi Goes Toe-To-Toe WIth Putin With Humiliating Results

Nancy Pelosi, the California Dem who runs the House like a liberal dictator where Republicans in the minority are only allowed minimal input, says that “an assault against Ukraine is an attack on democracy.”

George Stephanopoulos, the former Bill Clinton ally who leads “This Week” on ABC News teed it up for Pelosi by asking her “what should Putin know from you, the House Speaker, about the consequences of invading” Ukraine.

Pelosi joined up with the neocons and anti-white lunatics in the mainstream media with her reply warning of severe punishment, although she did include a peace plea.

“The fact is we believe an attack on Ukraine is an attack on democracy,” she said. “We understand the loss of life, the harm, the collateral harm to civilians are severe if Putin decides to invade. The mothers in Russia do not want their children going to war.”

“He’s had to witness the body bags, before. So he must know war is not the answer. There are severe consequences to Putin’s aggression, and we are united in making use of them,” she said.

The White House says President Biden supposedly warned Vladimir Putin this Saturday that the U.S. and its allies would “force severe costs onto Russia” after any possible invasion. American and allied officials claimed a large incursion could be imminent, even after Russia’s repeated denials.

This aside, it is hardly known why a border fight between Russia and Ukraine has any relation to U.S. national security.

Moreover, Dems from Pelosi and Biden on down seem not concerned with the huge numbers of illegals coming across the U.S. southern border — human trafficking, drug smuggling, and terrorists opportunistically attempting to come into the country notwithstanding.

“Pelosi last week stated that Congress is ready to push for ‘forceful’ restrictions against Russia and President Putin if an invasion of Ukraine happens. This Sunday, the Speaker stated that if the U.S. were not threatening to force sanctions on Russia ‘it would guarantee that Vladimir Putin would invade,’” The Hill said.

This comes at a time when more and more, Americans are growing tired of the war propaganda that strangely, both Democrats and Republicans seem to be supporting.

Author: Steven Sinclaire