Pelosi Humiliates Herself While Defending Baby Murder

When asked during CBS’s “Face the Nation” this week, why former Pres. Barack Obama didn’t codify Roe v. Wade when he was in office, Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered a strange and nearly unintelligible response, characterizing the leaked Supreme Court decision as “fake.”

“Do you think it was a mistake for Obama not to push harder when the Democrats had the majority in Congress to codify Roe v. Wade?” That was one of Margaret Brennan’s questions that she asked Pelosi. Brennan was not even finished asking her question when Pelosi started mumbling over it.

“If I might just ask, the emphasis we have right now is an important one in order to, uh … try to enhance this — we’re calling it a ‘draft’ or ‘fake’ decision — whatever it is. This appears to be a waste of time,” Pelosi added before explaining that “the fact is that we didn’t really have a pro-choice Democratic Party in [2009]. I had to fight against some Democrats who opposed the Affordable Care Act because they were afraid it would give individuals less freedom of choice.”

When asked who the “we” was that Pelosi referred to in calling the leaked Supreme Court opinion on overturning Roe v. Wade a “fake,” she didn’t respond. The draft decision has exacerbated America’s political divisions, as liberals have focused on its substance and conservatives have condemned the leak.

“It didn’t go down that road,” Pelosi said. “We do have a pro-choice Democratic Congress now, and we passed the legislation… uh… months ago, last I believe it was September.” Brennan pressed Pelosi on the number of Senate votes, to which Pelosi instructed her to speak with the Senate.

Pelosi has been called out before for her strange behaviour. Before the January 6th event, she bizarrely chose not to protect the U.S. Capitol as well as she could have. She has never answered for this decision or explained it. Leaving many to speculate about the whole thing being a pre-planned set up to use against conservatives as a politcal battering ram to destroy candidates and use the police-state to destroy conservatives nationwide.

Author: Steven Sinclaire