Pelosi Insults Christians With Enraging Drag-Queen Comments

Prepare yourself for some eye candy if you’ve ever fantasized about Nancy Pelosi performing in a drag show.

She’s not a man in drag, but she’s been set up to be the next best thing.

According to The Hill, the legislative woman is about to make a huge splash:

“Pelosi will have a ‘special appearance’ on the next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars, which is set to premiere May 20 on Paramount+,” according to a recent announcement. “The newest season of the drag queen show, which will follow past winners as they compete for the title of “Queen of All Queens” and a $200,000 cash award.”

It’s not Pelosi’s first time on RuPaul: She appeared on the program in 2018 as well.

She spoke highly of the program’s “pride” at the time.

Self-love, which was once condemned as a deadly sin, is becoming increasingly fashionable these days. It’s even been incorporated into the church. Divinity Pride conducted a special prayer at Duke University’s divinity school recently:

For those who want to believe that a plank-spanking, proud Pelosi would be magnificent, cross your fingers and clutch your remotes.

It’s uncertain whether Nancy will walk the runway, but it’s worth considering.

However, she’ll be rubbing shoulders with Hollywood:

“In addition to Pelosi, a celebrity guest judge panel with stars such as Cameron Diaz, journalist Ronan Farrow, Ben Platt, Betsey Johnson, Tove Lo, and Nikki Glaser has been announced.”

The Speaker gets downright religious in a promotional video for the new season with “Can I get an amen?”

The present-day is a real bore.

The government is on board as well:

A Drag Show Was Held at Nevada Air Force Base, and It’s Part of a Softer, Kinder Military

With that in mind, would a drag performance be possible at the Capitol now that Nancy is cavorting on camera with RuPaul and the others?

I’d say there’s a good chance. After all, politics has reached new heights of pageantry.

Pelosi said, four years ago, to The Hollywood Reporter: “What can politicians learn from drag queens?”

“Authenticity. Taking pleasure in who you are. Knowing your strength — this is what I talk about in my little portion of the show. This concept of individuals believing in themselves, being their genuine selves, and taking pride in themselves isn’t just for politicians. That’s why I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to be on the program.”

Author: Blake Ambrose