Pelosi Lets It Slip — Democrats Are Forming a Secret ‘New Religion’

As a decades-long researcher of all things Pelosi, I can say without any reservation that nobody on Capitol Hill has ever come anywhere near the amount of unabashed religious exploitation as San Fran’s “finest.”

Not even close.

We are talking about a self-proclaimed “devout Catholic” — a statement that has been rebuked by the San Francisco Archbishop —who once called late-term abortion “sacred ground.” Get the idea?

The bottom line is, like most “good” Democrats, Pelosi will not stop for anything — including shamelessly exploiting the faith she claims to follow — solely for political convenience. There is a special place in — oh let’s move on — I digress.

Anyway, now that Joe Biden’s huge Build Back Better plan has passed the House, we are learning more details about the law that threatens to ruin America on multiple fronts, one being the idea of “climate change,” the left’s current label for weather cycles.

As reported by Just the News, we are talking about $550 billion in “climate change” spending — and not a dollar too much, as Nancy Pelosi sees it. Nope, in her addled mind, it is “a religious thing.”

“We have the moral obligation to be good stewards” of God’s creation, Pelosi stated.

“For me, it is a religious thing. I believe in God’s creation and we must be good stewards. But if you don’t have that view, you must believe we have the obligation to our future generation. So we are very excited about what is in the bill and how it is paid for.”

Of course, the bill is not paid for, regardless of how often Joe Biden, Pelosi, or the Democratic Party tell you otherwise.

I mean, you almost have to give them credit for having the shameless drive to lie so much. As we have reported on many occasions, including previously this month, multiple studies have found that the Dems “costs zero dollars” assertion is a complete load of crap. The “paid for” Build Back Broke bill would cost $4.79 trillion if its policies get made permanent, as reported by the Committee for a Responsible Budget.

But, hey — when have liberals ever allowed a few pesky facts to get in their way?

God help us.

Author: Scott Dowdy