Pelosi Makes A Bizarre “Adjustment” To Biden’s State Of The Union Address

President Joe Biden is now getting ready to give his first State of the Union speech, or at least that is the plan. With his love for vacations, whether he really goes through with it will probably have much to do with what sort of day he is having. Last year, he was months late in talking to lawmakers for reasons we never had explained.

Nancy Pelosi is now ready to help Joe Biden in what seems like like a rather insane choice, as reported by Axios, the House Speaker is planning on restricting in-person attendance to around 25 people.

The usual caveats apply here. This is from an anonymous report repeated what Kevin McCarthy was informed of. Still, when Nancy Pelosi’s team was asked about it, they said that no final choice was made and they were talking to the physician to prepare protocols. That they did not outright deny this report is also telling, and Kevin McCarthy would not have a reason to lie about the issue. At the very least, it seems this restriction on attendance is possible.

The question we have is why? The current Omicron wave is winding down, with virus cases being around half of what they were reported at one week ago. When the speech happens, things will be ending, with low risk levels. In other words, coronavirus is not an excuse for drastically removing attendance. Besides, Biden has a vaccine, as does almost every House member. Yes, that is going to be the White House explanation, but we all understand it’s bunk.

So what is the real reason? I have some suspicions. Namely, I believe you are looking at someone in terrible mental decline, not having many hundreds of lawmakers groaning or clapping can only make things better. Given Joe Biden’s nack for mental melt downs while talking publicly, whatever help Nancy Pelosi can send his way will be surely needed.

Yet, even if we say this is about COVID-19, what sort of message does it send if Joe Biden is so feeble and weak that he cannot be in a huge room with over 25 people? Does anyone believe Xi Jinping is witnessing this spectacle and thinking how he can turn the situation to his favor?

Author: Scott Dowdy