Pelosi Makes Sure Democrats Will Keep Power From Now On

We can point to a mountain of reasons Democrats “won” the 2020 Election. The biggest, of course, were last-minute changes that allowed key states to count ballots days after the election. This opened the door to ballot harvest, and other less-than-legal means of collecting enough to give Joe the win. Add to that the use of universal mail-in ballots, triggers (as the left claims) by the COVID panic.

That and other reasons contributed to the mess that was the 2020 Presidential Election, an election many believe was not legitimate.

But things will be better in the future, right? Trump will run again in 2024 and things will be made right? As we’ve said before, if the results of the 2020 election were allowed to stand, Democrats would do the same things for every election in the future.

And if you think we were joking, Nancy Pelosi proved with the most bogus election bill we’ve ever seen.

House Democratic leaders are renewing their push for an election reform bill that stalled in the GOP-led Senate in the last session of Congress…

Under the legislation, Super PACs would be required to publicly disclose their donors, and the bill would “match small donations (up to $200) to participating congressional candidates at a 6-1 ratio.” The bill also establishes a nonpartisan redistricting commission, and it requires automatic voter registration with an opt-out provision for individuals. In addition, the legislation makes Election Day a holiday for federal employees. It also prohibits states from placing restrictions on a voter’s ability to cast mail-in ballots. [Source: Just the News]

Pelosi claims the bill confronts “dark money” that influences elections and simply seeks to prevent voter suppression. She even went on to claim the January 6 riot (which is looking more and more like an Antifa-coordinated affair) was really about voter suppression.

Uh-huh. What she doesn’t mention that this bill also takes redistricting power away from states. It requires automatic voter registration (never a good thing). And it ensures mail-in ballots are here to stay, nation-wide.

If you thought the 2020 election was a fluke, you were dreaming. Democrats are openly declaring they want the “irregularities” that tainted that election to become permanent. More than that, they want to ensure the problems that changed the outcome in states like Pennsylvania and Georgia occur in every state.

You can only interpret this bill as a gross attempt by the left to completely erode our democracy. Redistricting by the federal government? That’s insane, because it lets people like Pelosi determine the districts in states she would otherwise have no influence over (ensuring Democrats have the upper hand in elections).

Automatic voter registration means people who don’t want to vote get registered. Who gets their ballots, then? She also wants to make it harder for states to deny mail-in ballots, which would enable voter fraud worse than what we’ve seen before.

So yeah, if you think things are going back to “normal” anytime soon, you’re dreaming.

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