Pelosi Publicly Humiliated By Brazen Conservative

An unidentified male interrupted Nancy Pelosi’s news conference in San Francisco this week with a “Let’s Go, Brandon” chant.

The person belted out the anti-Pres. Biden chant as Pelosi was speaking about the recently passed $1.75 trillion infrastructure legislation, also known as the “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act,” which intends to fix bridges, ports, waterways, roads and rural broadband access throughout the U.S.

“Remember the state legislature, this —,” Pelosi began.

“Let’s Go Brandon. Wooooooo! USA! USA!” the man could be heard screaming. Pelosi seemed to ignore the chants and kept speaking with the media by calling the next speaker up to the podium.

Pelosi, along with Dem. Mayor London Breed, California Representative Mark DeSaulnier and several victims of car accidents, held the conference to talk about the legislation’s goal of providing for “safe roads and streets for all” in order to put a stop to traffic fatalities by 2024. Pelosi said the city has faced an increase in traffic deaths, with 462 killed last year, just 30 less than in 2019.

Pelosi announced at the press conference that House Dems secured $14 billion for roadway safety on a country-wide level and $262 million from the Highway Safety Improvement Program to California “to help lower injuries and fatalities on our roads.”

“We will help make California’s streets friendlier and safer,” she stated.

The “Let’s Go, Brandon” phrase became a popular national sensation after a NBC news reporter Kelli Stavast said that the NASCAR audience that was chanting “F*ck Joe Biden” was saying “Let’s Go, Brandon” in support of driver Brandon Brown. Brown wrote an op-ed for Newsweek recently saying that he “understands” everyone’s frustration and struggles, adding that he hears the “millions of Americans” chanting his name at a time when “Washington doesn’t.”

The chant has sparked both popularity and controversy across the country, with several conservative citizens and politicians, most notably Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, using the phrase as a type of protest.

A “Let’s Go, Brandon” store opened earlier in the month in North Attleborough, MA, where a wide selection of “Let’s Go, Brandon” merchandise is on sale.

In Kentucky, Joe Biden was greeted with “Let’s Go, Brandon” chants this week as he exited his vehicle to witness the destruction that was caused by a tornado that killed 74 people.

Author: Steven Sinclaire