Pelosi Under Fire After Racist ‘Mistake’

In an embarrassing attempt to honor legend Willie Mays for his 90th birthday, a picture of Willie McCovey, another black baseball player, was published to Pelosi’s Twitter account with a happy birthday message for Mays accompanying the photo.

Pelosi would later switch the photo to the right one and issue a comment blaming a staffer for the mixup.

“Nancy Pelosi wanted to say happy birthday to baseball legend Willie Mays but screwed up when she instead tweeted a photo of Willie McCovey,” the NY Post reported. “These two are both black Hall of Fame members who played baseball for the San Francisco Giants for almost two decades. The Democrat leader has photos of herself with both black men.”

Twitter spotted the error before the tweet was removed.

As highlighted by the Post, McCovey passed away in 2018 at 80 years old.

In a statement, Pelosi’s team blamed a staffer.

“A staffer accidentally used the wrong photo,” read the comment. “The picture we wanted to use was of Willie Mays and the speaker at Willie McCovey’s 2018 wedding. We apologize for the mistake.”

A new tweet later took the place of the botched tweet; the photo now showed Pelosi and Mays and the post had the same message as the first.

Author: Scott Dowdy