Pelosi’s Capitol Hill Secret Just Leaked — And She’s Furious

Former acting DNI Richard Grenell this Sunday questioned if Nancy Pelosi personally went to security briefings before the deadly Capitol protest.

During an interview on Fox, Grenell said it is often staff who attend such meetings and then send the information their bosses.

“I believe there’s a question of whether or not Pelosi went to the intel briefing. Did she know anything or not?” he said.

“I think you need to go to the chairmen and women,” Grenell stated. “Are you receiving the briefing or will you hand this over to your staff? … The staff is usually doing the heavy lifting and partisanship and letting the boss know about priorities.”

Grenell stated it’s important to understand “what Pelosi knew” and why House Dems backed down from wanting to have her as a witness at the impeachment trial of former President Trump.

“They are pointing fingers at Trump but they were briefed before this event,” Grenell said.

“We cannot find out who was briefed until the intel community leaders go before the Senate and tell us what they knew, who they told, and who did not do as they should.”

“I can see the staff being briefed and not telling their leaders, and so lawmakers like Pelosi and McConnell chose not to increase troops because they did not see the vital information.”

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