Pelosi’s Reign Is Coming To An End — But She Won’t Go Willingly

For Nancy Pelosi, there is a dark cloud in front of every silver lining.

Her job as Speaker of the House is now threatened by the announcement of two more House Dems planning to retire, according to Politico.

That brings the amount of Democratic lawmakers who are leaving the House to 13. This signals an increasing threat to Nancy Pelosi’s already small six-seat margin of power.

Longtime Congressmen Mike Doyle from Pennsylvania and David Price from North Carolina are the latest Dems announcing their retirement.

Perhaps to the relief of Nancy Pelosi, both Price and Doyle — members of Congress for over 20 years — are within districts that are seen as safe for Dems.

Yet, midterm elections are normally unfriendly to current presidents, no matter the party in office. And given the great anger aimed at President Biden because of the vaccine mandates, the open border agenda, exploding inflation, increased United States weakness on the global stage and increasing perceptions about the incompetence of the administration, Nancy Pelosi probably should not relax too much.

“I believe the time is here to give torch to the new generation,” Doyle commented in a press conference announcing his retirement, KDKA-TV said.

While confident he would win a re-election bid, Doyle also said that redistricting prompted by the 2010 census was a reason for his departure. “This redistricting will change things, and most likely shift the district outside of Allegheny County. This is a good time for someone new to start in a new district,” he stated.

In a comment released to the media, Price also said, “While it’s time for retirement, it is not time to slack on our efforts to create a ‘more perfect union’ and to guard our democracy.”

“I am very grateful to the citizens of the Fourth District for allowing my service and for what we have been able to do together. And I pledge to keep fighting for the inclusive and just nation we all believe in.”

Of the 13 House Dems not seeking re-election, eight are now retiring, according to Ballotpedia. Three of them are running for the Senate, while former Congressman Charlie Crist is wanting to be governor of Florida and former Congresswoman Karen Bass is running for mayor of LA.

Author: Steven Sinclaire