Pelosi’s Role In Capitol Hill Riots Exposed

House Speaker Pelosi yesterday criticized a journalist who asked her a question about DNC leaders doing enough to prepare for the Capitol Hill protest that transformed into a violent incident.

“This is a waste of time,” Pelosi, a Democrat, said to a Washington Examiner journalist.

The reporter asked the question based on a statement from Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican, who claimed he and other Republicans are prepared to bring in the FBI at President Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial to “inform us about individuals who planned the attack and what happened with the security footprint in the area.”

Graham in January wondered why security measures were not in place to stop any possible attack on the Capitol.

“Where was Pelosi?” Graham claimed on Fox News. “It’s her job to give Capitol security.”

Graham has since promised to investigate the weaknesses in security ahead of the attack, including warnings given to Capitol law enforcement before the protest from the FBI about the potential of a “war” instigated by a mob.

Security readiness could come up in the upcoming impeachment trial, Graham claimed, if Democrats choose to call in at least one witness. In that case, the GOP may attempt to call in their own list of people to take the stand.

“We will request the FBI to come testify,” Graham said to Fox News.

Nancy Pelosi’s aides have slammed efforts to put the blame for the incident on the California Democrat.

“This disgraceful strategy to switch the blame for the mob attack is pathetic,” Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff Drew Hammill said on Twitter in a response to Lindsey Graham.

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