Pelosi’s Uses The Capitol Police For Her Own “Dirty Work”

Escalating her fight with House Speaker Pelosi over the corrupt investigation of the January 6 protests at the Capitol, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene said that the top Dem used the U.S. Capitol Police like “political pawns” to target GOP members and smear Trump.

From stopping reinforcements to help manage the crowd to having the officers enforce new mask mandates on House grounds, Greene stated this week that “I am worried that USCP officers are now being treated as political pawns by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat leaders.”

In a letter to Chief of Police J. Thomas Manger, the Georgia GOP member suggested that by denying their requests for help before the Jan. 6 protest, top Democrats got “just the ‘optics’ the wanted” and a riot that caused the second impeachment of Donald Trump.”

Trump and top Republicans have denied they pushed Trump’s followers to riot at the Capitol on that day, which is when his loss was scheduled to be confirmed. But the image of Trump followers, some in Trump flag capes, and a lot of officers helped the narrative spread, including in one investigation pushed by Pelosi’s team.

The letter is the new push from Congresswoman Greene, who was targeted by Democrats and removed of her committee posts some months ago as revenge from Nancy Pelosi and others for remarks they thought were offensive.

Greene is pushing to look into how the officers targeted the protesters and why some calls for help were denied.

In her first letter, Greene wanted details about the treatment of protesters, especially those who were now in jail. The police, while responding, said they could not respond completely because of the investigations.

However, they did give new numbers of those people being held. The dept.’s lawyer told Greene that there were 582 arrests, over 130 were charged with “resisting, assaulting or impeding” officers, almost 200 were charged with criminal obstruction, and 440 were charged with going into a restricted federal building.

The information came in reply to Greene’s concern that while January 6 protestors were still being done, charges against 90% of the BLM and antifa rioters arrested in 2020 were now dropped.

In the response, Greene drew attention to the political manipulation of Capitol Hill police. And she said, “I have only gotten more alarmed by the Jan. 6 investigation and the mistreatment of police.”

Author: Scott Dowdy