Pelosi’s Witch Hunt Ends With Pitch-Forks Pointed At Her

Republican Congressman Jim Banks (IN) this week destroyed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) after she refused his nomination to her special congressional commission to investigate the Capitol protest and riot on January 6.

“It really got me angry. I served my nation in Afghanistan and she is saying I am not up to playing a vital role on this committee,” Banks told the NY Post this week.

“But it just goes to prove that this was never a serious drive on their part, it is all a witch hunt. They want to make it about Trump, dragging GOP members through the mud and going after 75 million Americans who voted for Trump,” Banks said.

On Wednesday, Pelosi refused two congress-members of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) selected GOP members for the investigative committee, Banks and Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH).

“With respect to the integrity of this investigation, with an insistence on truth and worry about comments made and actions taken by these congress-members, I must refuse the recommendations of Congressmen Jordan and Banks,” Pelosi said.

In response, McCarthy said he would remove all five of his GOP picks for the select committee unless Pelosi reversed her decision and seats all five Republicans. The minority leader also said his party will conduct their own investigation into the January 6th event.

“This represents a terrible abuse of power and will greatly harm this institution,” McCarthy said in a comment. “Denying congress-members of their voices who have served within the military, as well as leaders of committees, has proven that this panel has lost its credibility and reveals the Speaker is more interested in politics than looking for the truth.”

Earlier this month, Pelosi unveiled her eight picks for the investigative committee including one GOP member, Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney (WY), one of Trump’s most famous critics. McCarthy said that it would have been “unprecedented” for Cheney to stay on her committee assignments after her acceptance of Pelosi’s nomination.

Banks said he begun “digging into the true questions that no one is asking,” adding, “Democrats do not want to answer why the Capitol was vulnerable on Jan. 6 when we got intelligence three weeks prior and we did not do anything to stop it.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire