Pentagon Takes Matters Into Their Own Hands On Capitol Hill

The Pentagon has said it has no plans to switch to another food supplier after several National Guard troops got sick from undercooked chicken.

DOD spokesman John Kirby said this Monday they do not intend on changing their food vendors, saying the facilities have cleared their inspections. This came after almost 60 National Guard members got sick, with several even needing to be hospitalized after eating undercooked chicken.

And just recently, dozens of those meals were thrown out after metal shards were seen hidden inside.

“Yesterday there were 74 meals with raw beef. Soldiers even found metal shavings in their food,” a whistleblower told a reporter. “But these meals, according to them, are good for four hours. But no they’re not. It was not good from the start and now it’s become even more dangerous.”

Several lawmakers have been urging the Pentagon to give better treatment for our troops and to replace their current meal contractor. However, defense officials say they will keep using the same contractors to address these concerns.

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