Police Bodycam Video Finds Liberal Reporters Stalking Prey Like Animals

One of the weirdest twists during the dramatic trial of Kyle Rittenhouse was when Judge Schroeder banned NBC reporters from his courthouse after one reporter got caught going through a red light while stalking the jury.

The judge said “no one from NBC will be allowed into the building for the remainder of this trial,” he ordered. “It is a very serious issue and will be referred to police authorities for more action.”

But new bodycam videos from a traffic stop proves that James Morrison was not the only NBC reporter told to follow the jury bus. Byon, another NBC reporter captured, admitted to authorities that she had others around the courtroom positioned to get intel on jurors. In the footage, Kenosha police are seen phoning Byon using Morrison’s phone and speaking about the plan with her on speakerphone. Byon stammered and attempted to explain what her freelancer was really doing.

The Rittenhouse jury was experiencing lots of pressure. Earlier in the Rittenhouse trial, the judge had announced that an unknown person was taking photos of the jury and threatening to get their identities. That person’s camera was confiscated.

“Your office ordered you to follow this car?” the officer asked Morrison. He said, “Yes. I mean, I was being discreet. I wasn’t planning to speak to anyone. Just find the location.”

And now the bombshell has dropped. Morrison was not the only NBC minion following jurors. “We just had our people in different places, the courthouse, to see if anybody would be able to…” She then strangely trailed off.

Without this stuttering, it comes down to a simple fact: NBC News had people around the courthouse to follow the jurors from the courthouse to their secret spot where they were being kept. They did all of this to find the location of jury members who were being threatened by rabid anti-white terrorists. What purpose did this serve? What did they plan to do with that information if they got it?

The officer said “We are going to ask you to not do that. That is a concern here. This is huge. cannot afford anything insane happening,” he stated.

“Got it,” said Byon. “Thank you, we’re sorry.”

Does anybody really believe NBC is sorry for this? They should be, and police officers should ensure they are sorry by keeping them accountable for this.

Author: Steven Sinclaire