Police Officers Make The Ultimate Move To Spite Power-Obsessed Democrats

A dozen police officers from the NY Police Department are going to one Florida city during growing anti-police sentiment in New York.

Hector Lopez is one of them. He recently left the big apple to join the Lakeland Police Dept.

Lopez, along with Ruben Garcia, the Lakeland Chief, and his Assistant Chief Hans Lehman, spoke about the new trend during a recent Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” interview.

The Fox News host at the beginning of the segment read, “Anti-Cop Beliefs Push NYPD Police Officers to Florida,” a reference to Mayor de Blasio and the city’s powerful Democratic leaders alienating much of the police force with budgetary cuts, enforced vaccines and other insane rules.

However, Lopez stated his reasons for leaving.

“One of the main reasons I came to Florida was my family. As I was talking to my fiance, I said to her, ‘Hey, this is the best opportunity to leave New York,’” he said.

Lopez said his kids were ready for college, and “I feel like the colleges were great for my kids.”

Lehman said that officers from his new department traveled to NY in April for recruiting efforts.

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has also helped the situation by introducing a $5,000 bonus for officers who move to Florida from another state.

“It is a wonderful opportunity for our police officers coming down,” Garcia said. “We had a shortage, just like other departments around the country, and this was the perfect opportunity for us to reach other officers we knew wanted other opportunities and to get them to come to Florida.”

Police officers in other states and cities might also be motivated by Biden’s vaccine mandates and the “defund the police” agenda to look for more options.

During an interview recently on Fox News, DeSantis said that Florida was planning a special session to push back on these vaccine mandates.

“We are right now working to bring in out-of-state police because we do have the needs in Florida’s police departments. So, in the next session, I will hopefully sign a law that awards a $5,000 bonus to all police officers who relocates to Florida,” DeSantis said.

Author: Blake Ambrose