President Biden Sinks To Pathetic Approval Levels, Here’s Why…

President Biden’s approval numbers have sunk to their lowest point since he got into office, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll put out on Wednesday.

The July poll, done among 1,500 possible voters, found that 46% of people approve of Joe Biden’s job as president, while 52% are disapproving. The poll further discovered that 26% reported they “strongly approved” of Biden’s leadership thus far, while 42% “strongly disapproved.”

The new survey comes just a month after Biden’s approval numbers first slipped under 50% back in June, according to a Monmouth University survey.

Biden’s fall in approval seems to be due to a lack of confidence in his economy and the ongoing disaster of his open border agenda at the southern border.

Biden has tried to switch the blame for open borders and the crisis at the southern border. His White House first argued that the surge was because of an annual occurrence, but this quickly faded as it became certain that the 2021 surge was far bigger than in past years.

The leaders of both Mexico and Guatemala have argued that Biden’s policies are mostly responsible for the increase in immigration.

Biden, however, has tried to push back against such blame.

“What is occurring today, and I would like to believe it is happening because I am a nice guy, but it’s not–because it happens every year,” Biden said back in March. “If you look at the amount of people who are coming in, the majority are overwhelming people who are coming in and getting across the border and are then being sent back.”

Biden ultimately chose to leave the border crisis for VP Kamala Harris to deal with, but her first try at tackling the problem were met with criticism from both the GOP and Democrats.

The Biden Administration also failed to close our borders when the Delta variant first appeared in India. With his team seemingly choosing open borders over the lives of Americans. Democrats are not willing to lockdown our borders, but they will lockdown Americans. Meanwhile, Republicans are failing to make these points to the American people.

Author: Scott Dowdy