Pro-Trump Star Could Be Georgia’s Next Senator

Football legend and outspoken Trump supporter Herschel Walker is reportedly considering a run for U.S. Senate – looking to challenge radical Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock in his upcoming re-election attempt.

Walker spoke with Fox Business Host Maria Bartiromo, saying that he and his family have been praying and will be thinking long and hard about running for the U.S. Senate seat in a state that has now become a magnet of controversy as leftists claim a new Jim Crow has arisen due to its newly-signed voter integrity law.

“I’m very honored that they would consider me running for the Senate, and my family, we’re still going through this process of praying and really considering it,” Walker told Bartiromo.

“People want me to decide right now, and I said, ‘Guys, I’m going to take my time because this is a very serious, serious thing. But I will tell you this: Herschel Walker believes in God, I believe in this country, I believe in the people, and I’m going to fight for the people of Georgia if I run, so just stay tuned. … It’s going to be exciting.”

Walker, who is a native to the state of Georgia, has also refuted the left’s recent attempts to label Georgia’s new voter integrity law as racist.

“Having an ID is a basic thing you gotta have,” he said. “Right now, my grandfather, today, would be over 117 years old, and he had a driver’s license. Everyone born in America got a birth certificate.”

Walker added that should he run, his platform would be bringing America back together. As reported by the Washington Examiner, Walker is one of the top picks to challenge Warnock, with a recent poll showing “the Trump favorite narrowly defeating the incumbent Democrat in a head-to-head contest.”

Walker has long been a supporter of former President Trump, and even gave a speech endorsing him at the Republican National Convention, a speech he said cost him friendships.

“In society today, if you’ve got a black friend, oh, jeez you’re like king,’’ Walker said. “But not one time has (Trump) asked me to speak for him. I don’t even think he knew I was going to speak this time. I’m the one that asked.’’

“Losing friends has been a big cost,’’ he added. “I lost some friends, and that’s what’s so strange about it. How could in a country like America you disagree with someone that you now want to injure that person or you just don’t want to talk to them no more? Where did it get that you become a country like that?’’

Walker continued saying that the Democratic party’s newfound extremism has pushed him away entirely.

“I love the Lord Jesus Christ and when I start seeing the Democratic Party, and I want to say ‘the other party,’ when I start seeing them not want to talk about God and removing God, and then I saw the BLM burning a cross and also burning the Holy Bible and burning a flag, and that’s not something I want to be a part of. I’m not that,” Walker said.

Author: James Richards

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