Progressives Freak Out Over New Race Poll

A new Rasmussen survey reveals an overwhelming amount of black Americans support voter ID laws that Democrats say are racist.

69 percent of African-American voters agree with voter ID laws while 75 percent of the overall population also support voter ID legislation. With just 21 percent of people not approving of such laws.

Even though many prominent Democrats say voter IDs are racist, most Democrats support voter ID laws. 89 percent of GOP members support such laws and 77 percent of all voters support these laws.

Currently, 36 states have some sort of a voter ID law in place. After the chaos of the 2020 presidential election, states are trying to tighten their existing election laws or creating new ones that will stop fraud from happening.

The public knows the voting system in this country is broken, and the GOP should continue boldly with changes regardless of any pushback from the Democrats and the mainstream media.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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