Protestors Invade Pelosi’s Home, Make Her Pay For Her Actions

Youth climate protestors have descended on Nancy Pelosi’s home, where they unloaded wildfire ash on Pelosi’s front porch while demanding a civilian climate corps be created.

The protesters came from a 266-mile-long march seeking to push lawmakers into acting on climate change that was paid for by the Sunrise Movement, which says it wants to prevent climate change and create new jobs.

Their ending stop on their march after visiting Senator Feinstein’s home was Nancy Pelosi’s mansion, where the group dumped ashes while leaving a mural with the statement “invest in us” printed on it.

Butte County was hit by the most deadly wildfire in the area’s history, which gave liberal groups the justification for creating the “youth” activist group to pressure politicians into moving further left on the topic of climate change.

Joy Lee, Pelosi’s press secretary, said that the “resilience and courage of the young activists marching for climate justice inspires everyone.”

“The climate crisis is the threat of our lifetime and needs bold and prompt action, which is why House Democrats have given their most ambitious and forward-looking climate measure in Congressional history., Lee said.

Pelosi’s press secretary continued to say the “Democrats had passed historic bills” targeting the lowering of pollution, investing in “lowering global temperatures., and “creating the Climate Crisis Action Plan, which is the biggest plan in history and urged for the creation of a Civilian Climate Corps.”

Lee then said the climate plan will aid with conservation efforts as well as create “global climate summits that focus on environmental justice.”

“With President Biden, Democrats’ action will keep accelerating – including as we reach the goal of cutting pollution in half by 2030 using the American Jobs Plan., Lee said. “Congressional Democrats support the aims of the Civilian Corps and want to work with the White House to enact it in the Jobs Plan.”

Biden’s $2 trillion American Jobs Plan calls for the formation of a civilian climate corps with a $10 billion fund, although the future of the funding is in doubt as the White House negotiates with Republicans.

Author: Steven Sinclaire