Psaki Attempts To Shift The Blame For Covid — It Does Not Go Well

White House media secretary Jen Psaki said during her Thursday’s media briefing that the Biden Admin. would have made more progress on handling the pandemic if it was not for former President Trump.

A reporter asked her about President Biden’s decision to keep Trump-era policies such as Title 42, as well as going through on Donald Trump’s agenda items such as withdrawing from Afghanistan.

“So, look. I can take each of these – about Afghanistan, about Trump making a deal without the Afghan government that we heard the military talk about yesterday, led to a demoralization of the Afghan forces and the allied Afghan government,” the media secretary said. “Where he also allowed 5,000 Taliban fighters into Afghanistan.”

Psaki said that Joe Biden’s approach was different than Donald Trump’s due to the current president actually having ended the war.

“I would say President Biden took a different approach in ending the war that the former president did not succeed in – something the American people overwhelmingly support,” she said. “A priority for getting out of Afghanistan leaves open space for us to spend more time dealing with other things.”

The reporter asked her to speak about Title 42, a public health measure that allows border patrol agents to expel most migrants because of the pandemic.

“Title 42 is a public health measure,” Psaki replied. “Because we are still in the middle of a serious pandemic, which by the way, we would have made more progress on had the former president really addressed the covid-19 pandemic and not asked people to inject bleach.”

“So I believe we are in a different place,” she said. “I’m happy to talking about more examples. I believe people would be hard-pressed to argue that President Biden has taken any part of the former president’s strategy and used it as his own model.”

This comes at a time when President Biden is getting increasing push back from Americans over his draconian enforced vaccine mandates. People are becoming fed up with Democratic rule and it is only under one year of Biden’s first (and hopefully last) term.

Author: Steven Sinclaire