Psaki Freaks Out Over Journalist’s Corruption Question

White House press secretary Jen Psaki deflected a question about President Biden and his son Hunter’s ties to Russia, as evidence keeps piling up.

“The wife of the former mayor of Moscow transferred $3.5 million to a company associated with Hunter Biden. There was no reasons given for these payments, and I’m hoping you can tell us if that is true and if so, what that $3.5 million was for,” a journalist asked Psaki.

She said, “I am not familiar with that.”

Psaki first tried to deny that the payments ever happened. However, when pushed with real evidence from the Senate about those transfers, she quickly stopped the conversation.

“It does not seem backed up by evidence, if you have specifics or evidence, I am willing to discuss it more,” Psaki said.

Last year’s Senate Intel Report said the $3.5 million was given in “consulting fees.”

The wife of the former mayor of Moscow is a real estate developer and an important ally of Putin. She has been accused of laundering money for Putin using President Biden and his son Hunter. Some of those funds went through President Biden to a Chinese startup in New York.

Several people linked to the Bidens were indicted in 2018 for violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act multiple times.

Subsequent documents confirm the Bidens were helping Russian political repressions for their own financial gain.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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