Psaki Resorts To Telling Debunked Lies About Trump To Take Pressure Off Biden

During the last presidential debate last year, Joe Biden had pointed out that 200,000 people in the United States had died of COVID and “anyone that is responsible for that many deaths shouldn’t be President of the United States.”

As of this week, 366,470 people have died from COVID-19 under Pres. Joe Biden. By the standard he set, Biden should not be president anymore. He said he would shut down the COVID virus, but he failed to do so. He said he had a plan that would be successful in defeating COVID-19… well, that failed too. It is still here.

During the White House media briefing this week, Peter Doocy challenged Jen Psaki about the standard Biden had set, and true to form, Jen Psaki avoided answering the question.

“I believe the main question here is ‘What are you currently doing to save lives and protect Americans?’” Psaki stated. “And the former pres. was recommending people inject bleach, he apparently—reportedly did not even share with some individuals he was going to be in close contact with that he did in fact test positive for COVID-19 himself.” She then touted Pres. Biden’s alleged accomplishments he has had in the fight against the virus.

Jen Psaki hasn’t ever been great at telling the truth, but once again, Jen pushed the long-debunked lie that Donald Trump suggested people should inject themselves with bleach.

She has made this claim before, and I think she will again, but the fact is that Donald Trump did no such thing.

The false claim came from an exchange during the White House COVID-19 Task Force Briefing back in April of last year, when potential COVID-19 treatments were explored, including UV light treatments. And Trump stated, “And then I see the disinfectants, where it can knock it out in a just minute. And could we somehow do something like that, by injecting inside or almost like a cleaning? Because you see it enter the lungs and it can do a lot of damage to the lungs. So, it would be really interesting to check into that. So, that you are going to have to use medical doctors with. But it sounds interesting to me.”

Later in that same briefing, a reporter had asked the acting undersecretary of science and technology for the Dept. of Homeland Security, Bill Bryan, “The pres. mentioned the idea of cleaners, like isopropyl alcohol and bleach you mentioned. There is no scenario that can be injected into a person, is there?”

It was Trump who replied, “It would not be through injection. We are talking about through almost a sterilization, cleaning of an area. Maybe it works, maybe it does not work. But it certainly has an impact if it is on a stationary object.”

Not only did Trump not recommend people inject themselves with bleach or any cleaning products, but he also corrected the journalist who linked bleach with injection.

It was not Trump.

Why does Jen Psaki keep repeating this crazy lie? The answer is easy: the left has nothing but lies.

Author: Steven Sinclaire