Public Opinion Turns On Democrats — And It’s Brutal

Most business leaders believe progressive ideas are a threat to the nation and are unneeded, a new poll showed Thursday.

In The Zogby Poll of 500 top leaders, the people were asked about the far-left’s take on gender and race.

The survey found 61% of these leaders agreed — with 33% strongly agreeing and 28% somewhat agreeing — that progressive views on race and “cancel culture” were hurting society and were not needed. The survey also found that 31% disagreed with that statement.

When you look at the survey by region, on the East coast, 67% somewhat agreed and 24% somewhat disagreed about the negative effects. In comparison, on the West coast, 55% somewhat agreed and 36% somewhat disagreed.

A majority of each subgroup said that certain theories on gender and race, were undermining American society, but smaller businesses were more likely to disagree than larger businesses.

The survey organizers also asked these same questions among French business leaders — and found a similar outcome.

Three out of five French leaders somewhat agreed that progressive ideas were harming French society, while 34% somewhat disagreed.

Both nations’ leaders view the “cancel culture” movement as a threat, Zogby Analytics said.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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