Putin Rattles The American Deep State With Personal Threats


Russia announced this week that they are declaring sanctions against top United States officials, including Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, as well as deep state operatives like CIA Director William Burns and the current Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley, and even Hunter Biden.

The Russians gave their proclamation within a Facebook post, saying the sanctions were “in response to a set of unprecedented sanctions which ban the entry into the U.S. for top Russian officials.”

A list of top American officials and their associates were placed on “the Russian ‘stop-list,’” which stops them from entering Russia.

“This step is an inevitable consequence of the Russophobic actions taken by the current United States Administration, which in their desperate attempt to keep American hegemony, threw away decency,” the Russians wrote.

“We do not refuse to keep official relations if they are in line with our national interests, and, if needed, we will solve issues arising from blacklisted people, to organize contacts at a high level,” they said.

We have reported about the Gestapo state that is emerging as anti-Russian talking points take hold of American minds, buoyed by odious fake propaganda:

“Ana Navarro said to the co-hosts of The View that Tucker Carlson and former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) should be investigated by the Dept. of Justice for possibly being Russian propagandists.”

Ana Navarro said, “I believe the DOJ, just like they setup a task force to investigate Russian oligarchs, should research people spreading Russian propaganda. If you are an asset to a dictator, that should be investigated.”

Clearly the liberal media has decided that for Americans and especially for Tucker Carlson, that freedom of speech is overrated. Under the guise of stopping misinformation neoconservatives are grouping up to silence people that do not tow their party line.

Russia is protecting its national sovereignty against a globalist government technocracy that wants nothing short of the total enslavement of the world.

Both Democrats and Republicans are combining forces, it seems, to launch into all out war with Russia and they want to use this energy to target Trump supporters who gave them hell in 2016-2020.


Author: Scott Dowdy